Youtube Animation (Comic + Manim + GPT-3)



What is the project? Why are we working on this?

Youtube Intelligence create ideas for content.

Problem Statement

Proposed Solution

Success Criteria

1-3 sentences on what success for the project looks like. Include metrics and qualitative descriptors if relevant.

User Stories

What will the user be able to do after the solution is shipped?


Define what will be done and what will not be done as part of this project.




User interface


What is a interaction?

Simulate interactions are detail-view (match between Social Media interactions and my content).

Real interactions are purchase (view)

Rating (like 0.5, comment 0.75, dislike 0.25, subscription 1)

Content ↔ User

  "itemId": "xyz",
  "userId": "2c169e575644d840838e",
  "timestamp": 1348162550,
  "cascadeCreate": true

What is a user property?

It's possible create anonymous users for feed system.


Job, University, Gender, Email Domain, Age, Enterprise Industry, technologies, skills, isSiluethe, Youtube subscription, Sign in, Facebook likes Linkedin Interests, Facebook groups, Instagram following, Twitter following, more popular videos from Youtube, Github following, Social Media Messages, Clics in Links, posts, social media from Enterprise Marketing, Followers (first line), Endorsements from technologies, skills.

What is a item?

Content's document.

What is a recommendation?

Recommend items to model user.