Worked examples

1. Since 950 KHz=950.0*1000 Hz,λ=300000000/950000.0=6000/19=315.789473684 m

2. Since 2.456 GHz=2.456*1000000000 Hz,λ=300000000/2.456e+9=75/614=0.12214983713 m


measures to Watts

Pe=15 watts=15.0 watts
P1=18 dB=63.09573 watts
P2=18 watts=18.0 watts
P3=43 dBm=19.95262 watts
P4=9.5 watts=9.5 watts
Ps=3229144.0 watts
Ps=65.09087366085257 dB

measures to dB

Pe=15 watts=11.760912590556813 dB
P1=18 dB=18.0 dB
P2=18 watts_to_dB=12.552725051033061 dB
P3=43 dBm=13.0 dB
P4=9.5 watts=9.777236052888478 dB
Ps=65.09087372 dB


measures to Watts

Pe=15 dBm=0.03162278 watts
P1=9 watts=9.0 watts
P2=18 dB=63.09573 watts
P3=15 dB=31.62278 watts
P4=4.5 watts=4.5 watts
Ps=2555.377 watts
Ps=34.074550150774535 dB

measures to dB

P0=15 dBm=-15.0 dB
P1=9 watts=9.542425094393248 dB
P2=18 dB=18.0 dB
P3=15 dB=15.0 dB
P4=4.5 watts=6.532125137753438 dB
Ps=34.07455015 dB


Pi=13.979400086720377 dB
Pf=13.979400086720377-0.45*50.5 km
Pf= -8.745599913279625 dB
Pf= 21.254400086720374 dbM


Pf=12.966651892156333 dBW
Pf=12.966651892156333+0.49*34.7 km
pI=29.969651892156335 dBW 
pI=59.969651892156335 dbM


bandwith=20*1000000 Hz
signal=42.54 dB=17947.336268325245 Watts
By Shannon Theorem,
2.826312e+8 bps=
282.6312 bps