Projects, Research & Insights

Face rating app. Sexual Market Value app.
🧠Artificial Intelligence Academy
🦀[Data mining project] Breast Cancer risk estimation using data mining techniques at a public Mexican hospital
🏸Arsus Startup
🎨CEST OS. Your modern simple operating system from scratch.
🕸️Tic-tac-toe Web on POSIX Sockets and WebRTC
🌞Facultad de ciencias, UABC web
🧠Sistema de captura del Formato 911 para Coordinación General de Vinculación y Cooperación Académica
🐉Make your own minicompiler (aka parser) on the Web in Plain English (Calculator with C++)
🛤️Minimum Viable Products
🌖UABC Schedule
[Thesis] WebAssembly library construction for investment portfolio optimization using efficient evolutionary algorithms
📀Social Media
💢Pathfinder environment with mazes
🔠Theory of computation project
🌎CICESE PyK-Ar - A free software tool for the K-Ar dating in the cloud
UABC Google Developer Student Club & Arsus Community
🔖Arsus App
20 Questions Game on Google Assistant, Telegram, and Whatsapp
🛡️Computer vision about Hirudo medicinalis' tissues
🇲🇽Mexican Finder API
📪RSS Emitter API
🧠Youtube Animation (Comic + Manim + GPT-3)
🇲🇽CURP Renapo API