Philosophy of Science


Introduction al pensamiento cientifico


Idiot savant

Ortega y Gasset, José. (1998). La barbarie del "especialismo". En Gardner, Martín (coord). Los grandes ensayos de la ciencia (pp. 91-96). México: Nueva Imagen.

El libro de las misiones.

La barbarie del "especialismo JOSE, ORTEGA Y GASSET

Du bist ein Fachidiot. Idiota ignorante o "Idiot savant"

True belief vs science

Menon, Plato.

Why don't we show up doxography?

What vs Why



Can you know something if you cannot define it? o Socratic fallacy

Definist fallacy



Can be a simulation a good experiment?

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  1. How did people know what they were looking for when they started theorising about formulas because I wouldn't know what to look for?
  1. Once they did find these formulas, how did they know that they were right?
  1. Why is everyone being really mean to me on twitter?
  1. Why did a physicist who's followed by Barack Obama retweet me?
  1. Is this number 5? I can't count.
  1. Is anyone gonna post this on twitter?
  1. Why are the only people who are disagreeing with me the ones who are dumb, and the physicists and mathematicians are agreeing with me?