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??Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike??

What is Carlosversity?

Knowledge wikis. Wikiversity.

Other names are Digital Garden. Note it is a marketing buzzword.

How to learn anything?

Why do Knowledge wikis matter to you?

Learn In Public: The fastest way to learn. (2022, September 25). Retrieved from https://www.swyx.io/learn-in-public



Standards, jobs, industry, roles, …



Worked examples





Policies and guidelines

When two principles are mutually exclusive by circumstances or contradiction, choose the first one on the list. Priority is from top to below.


All knowledge must be free to use.

All knowledge must be gratis to use and gratis to write.

??Property rights??

Easy to produce new different content. The marginal utility has to be high.

Since we follow the principle "Keep it simple, stupid" and our concern is producing quality content, we are not interested in checking out new frameworks, technologies, bugs, security issues, and so on and so forth.

Your knowledge must follow Open-Source model or Science model

Your knowledge must be easy to visualize on the Web.

Since the web is more universal than other mediums, we only deploy on the web.

We don’t deploy on mobile because we don’t want to check app store policies.


Your knowledge must be decentralized.

It doesn’t mean using blockchain and related stuff.

Easy to find internally. Easy to find externally.


A standard format such as JSON. Follow standards!

Everyone can browse it

You must export it to Plain HTML with no JS. ??CSS??

Content is king.

Don’t worry a lot about design and infrastructure.

All knowledge in one place.


??Notes must write in English??

Prefer interactive over static examples, projects, …

Projects should be on the Web and ready to use.

Cloud or server-client architecture has got to be avoided whatever provider it is.

Minimize download software and multimedia.

But minimize server-client architectures but decentralized architectures —IPFS— because they cost money or depend on third parties. The projects must run over static sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and of course, other web technologies such as WebAssembly (C++, Rust, C, …), Prolog (Tau-Prolog), Python (PyScript), WebGL, SVG, Canvas, …

If the project needs a database, you could use Base64 compression+URLs, JWT, JSON, XML, Cookies, Indexed DB, Local Storage, Session Storage, Cache Storage, and facts (using Prolog). Typical database storages such as PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL, and so on are not good for Carlosversity requirements unless you want to scale your project in the future —OrbitDB can make more sense.

If you don’t have to, don’t add authentication, cooking, … since they can be a potential legal issue.

You must minimize environmental dependency, so your project should compile over whatever operating systems, … If you need, use Docker. In general, the JavaScript ecosystem works over many environments, so containers are not required.

Tools. (2022, November 12). Retrieved from https://awesome.ipfs.io/tools

Client+Server architectures over the web can be achieved using Cloudflare tunnels and Raspberry Pi.

Since dependencies increase complexity, minimize them.

Our projects have to work in the future, so we prefer stable to unstable software.

Document projects on the notion, upload code on GitHub, and deploy on Firebase, GitHub, or IPFS.???


CppCon. (2019, September 19). Applied WebAssembly: Compiling and Running C++ in Your Web Browser - Ben Smith - CppCon 2019. Youtube. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N4b-rU-OAA&ab_channel=CppCon

Follow the Learning framework

Feedback tools



Exam. (KhanAcademy style -SAT-, Duolingo style).


Modelado con dibujos.




Problems and exercises


  1. Mathematics or Code. Automatic Verification such as Testing or Lean Proven?


  1. Languages in Anki.
  1. GPT Chat.

Please google it?

Sobre los certificados.


Our default language is English

We avoid the “straightforward”, “obvious”, and “relatively”, “evident” words.

If you can, you should not use Latin phrases.

Avoid etymologic definitions. Why? Logic. TODO: Page reference.

Is it a good style to use Latin phrases in English scientific literature? (2022, November 28). Retrieved from https://writing.stackexchange.com/questions/3439/is-it-good-style-to-use-latin-phrases-in-english-scientific-literature

Latin Terms Used in Writing | Graduate Connections | Nebraska. (2022, November 28). Retrieved from https://graduate.unl.edu/connections/latin-terms-used-writing


Worked examples


Why don’t you write on existing wikis?



Learning levels

Example 1Example 2
Happy PathLearning English A1 to C2
ExploitationWrite an English novel.
Dark cornersRead about Grammar, Grammar history, … For example: From Old English to Standard English by Dennis Freeborn. ”Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”
EvolutionResearch on English Language Processing in Baby Human Brains

Where do we consume knowledge? How do we choose reliable sources?





We publish our projects on the web

We publish our projects on the web, and they should visible. How?

We publish our projects using our domain by subdomains.

We document how works, and why?… on the notion and we’re linking on GitHub.

We describe how to use the project on GitHub.

TODO: Check out each past project that works on the web (no captcha) and document it.

Minimize use the of third parties.

Software Architecture

IPFS, git

We don’t use Pinata.

System to learning

Principle. Keep it Simple, Stupid. Kiss.


Exercises and progression.

Intention to improve.




Until to solve, or time instead.

Issue. On your goals.

Issue. On topics with no clear exercises.

Issue. On discovering new ideas.

Issue. On learning state-of-art.

Issue. On real-life applications.

Issue. On your available resources such as smartness, money, and time.


Material Resources


Further resources

all-in-one knowledge-management

Next steps